Ayşegül Balkan Mimarlık provides design, design management and project management services in areas of architecture, interior design and product design. From the beginning, the practice has been designing projects that vary in function and scale such as residential, office blocks, healthcare, hospitality and industrial buildings and providing services at every level required during the construction process.

For every project, we offer bespoke solutions to create functional, visually and spatially impressive and innovative spaces. Ayşegül Balkan Mimarlık’s main principle is for each project to be meticulously evaluated based on its own dynamics and needs, to provide design solutions with all details carefully considered and within budget and schedule by working closely with other disciplines.

Ayşegül Balkan KÜÇÜKDURAN

Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Mimar Sinan University in 1994, and completed a Masters degree in Urban Design in 1997 at the same university.

After being involved in local and international projects, Ayşegül founded this architectural practice in 2004 and continues to work on architectural design, interior design and product design.

From a relatively small scale residential project to a large scale complex healthcare project, Ayşegül is dedicated to providing bespoke design services with the same care and attention.

Ayşegül Balkan KÜÇÜKDURAN


He graduated in mechanical engineering MSc from Tecnical University of İstanbul.

He has over 25 years’ experience in cement, energy and machinery industries as Project engineer and manager being in charge of the project management covering all the steps from basic engineering to starting up and commissioning.

He worked for Şişecam, Italcementi and Italgen for long time He was in the management of the projects of Italcementi in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Since 2014 he has been working as a consultant for management of Industrial EPC contracting, futhermore he is a solution partner of Ayşegül Balkan Architecture.