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Ayşegül Balkan Mimarlık provides design, design management and project management services in areas of architecture, interior design and product design. From the beginning, the practice has been designing projects that vary in function and scale such as residential, office blocks, healthcare, hospitality and industrial buildings and providing services at every level required during the construction process.

For every project, we offer bespoke solutions to create functional, visually and spatially impressive and innovative spaces. Ayşegül Balkan Mimarlık’s main principle is for each project to be meticulously evaluated based on its own dynamics and needs, to provide design solutions with all details carefully considered and within budget and schedule by working closely with other disciplines.


Ayşegül Balkan Küçükduran Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Mimar Sinan University in 1994, and completed a Masters degree in Urban Design in 1997 at the same university.

After being involved in local and international projects, Ayşegül founded this architectural practice in 2004 and continues to work on architectural design, interior design and product design.

From a relatively small scale residential project to a large scale complex healthcare project, Ayşegül is dedicated to providing bespoke design services with the same care and attention.

Elif Özbay Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Mimar Sinan University in 1994, and while working in the sector, completed a Masters degree in Urban Design in 1997 and a PhD in 2004 at the same university. In 2012, Elif completed the joint Masters programme run by Roma La Sapienza and Ensa Paris Val de Seine Universities in Architectural Project Management.

Elif has been involved in various national and international projects as a design architect, design manager and design coordinator. Some of the projects where she conducted Design Coordination and Design Management are: Balkanabat Roof Tile and Porcelain factories in Turkmenistan, Tripoli Radisson Blu Hotel in Libya, Baku International Airport Terminal in Azerbaijan and Metropol Istanbul Mix use project - Residential, Office and Shopping Mall. Elif continues to work as a designer and design coordinator for several projects in collaboration with Ayşegül Balkan.

In addition to architectural design, Elif has been continuing to create ceramic art works and exhibiting her works in local and international workshops and exhibitions since 2003.

Kurtuluş ŞAHAN
Kurtuluş Şahan Currently working in areas of project management and sustainability, Kurtuluş Şahan graduated from the Civil Engineering division of Imperial College and completed an MBA at Cass Business School in London. Commenced his career at Willis Consulting working on the earthquake and flood models for Turkey.

Continued his career managing projects on sustainability for Epping Forest District Council in London before joining one of UK’s oldest contractors, namely Costain Group PLC, where he was the project coordinator in Iraq and Project Coordinator for Turkey. This was followed by his role in Sama Dubai as Project Coordinator for property development projects in both Dubai and Tunisia.

After a role in the construction of the prestigious Baku Hayder Aliyev International Airport Terminal, he continues offering consulting services to foreign Clients in Turkey in conjunction with Ayşegül Balkan Mimarlık, as well as running a business in sustainability.
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