Scope for the KORETEM, Accomodation, Rehabilitation and Treatment Center (KORETEM), as the name suggests, consists of a complex of facilities and disciplines that combine these functions to provide exceptional care and rehabilitation for the elderly and disabled patients in a dignified manner.

KORETEM complex will comprise of approximately 49,000 m2 of useable floor area. Treatment Unit is placed in the centre and surrounded by six main units that comprise of 292 bed capacity Accommodation Unit, 76 bed capacity Geriatric Unit, Horticultural Greenhouse, Pet Centre, and Staff Accommodation. The area will also comprise of green areas, gardens, open air and indoor swimming pools, open air and semi covered social activity areas, 920 metre walking track, as well as technical buildings for the maintenance and operation of the complex.

Architecture Oguz Bayazit was carried out in collaboration with the project design stage.